Effortless life- Is it Good (or even work)?


I really grateful that this moment happened in my life.

Before this moment, I was a stupid nerd that knows nothing about dream, life goal, achievement, or the feeling when i achieve those things. and i didn’t really care at that time. Continue reading “Effortless life- Is it Good (or even work)?”


is taking chances really important?

“Don’t Put All your Eggs in One Basket”

my mom said that i have to try everything, even try to get accepted in STAN. I mean, isn’t it better if i just focus at one thing and eliminate the other? Continue reading “is taking chances really important?”

My Impossible List

Well, I think this will be a lifetime wishlist

  • Accepted in one of the top 3 universities (or institute) in indonesia
  • Get scholarship abroad (it can be undergraduate, master, or even Phd)
  • Active uploading in my youtube channel (which can be opened here)
  • Won in a national competition (regardless it’s a competitive programming, hackathon, etc)
  • Won in a regional competition (like Asia Pasific or something)
  • Won in an international competition
  • Get internship abroad
  • Get internship in Silicon Valley
  • Fluent in english
  • Have a top 30% toefl score
  • Study in one of top 10 universities in the world (i want UTokyo tho)
  • Cycling in 1hr or 2 every weekend for 2 years
  • Be on TV
  • Visit Singapore
  • Visit Golden Gate
  • Visit Eiffel Tower
  • Go camp to see meteor shower with her (whom i don’t know)
  • Visit Norway
  • Visit Antarctic
  • Intern in a space exploration company
  • Start a startup
  • Get a nobel prize
  • Meet Bill Gates
  • Have a conversation with Elon Musk/Mark Zuckerberg
  • Have a patent
  • Able to decide my belief
  • Be a famous person
  • Become a president of Indonesia

who am i actually???

I recently realized that contents of this blog is soooooo boring and cringe. most of my posts is about how frustated i am because i lose my last and first chance to make history by winning OSN.

And then one day when i was parking my motocycle, a stranger yell at me “Woy Willa! the *insert what kind of human i am to them here*”. And then i came up with a blogpost idea, I will introduce you guys to me by other’s perspective. Great idea isn’t it? Continue reading “who am i actually???”